From App to Cloud Based App

Cloud here, cloud there, clouds everywhere

IT professionals for some time sounds like meteorologists.
For last couple of years the entire industry is changing, struggles with the transition of traditional applications in web/cloud environment and with changes in market philosophy from selling apps to leasing software as a service e.g. SaaS.

This is a tremendous job, a lot of the software manufacturers will give up along the way and a lot of new will appear.
For new and fresh IT companies, web and mobile and cloud concepts are something natural and they immediately think that way.
For the companies that do business for a some time and have a traditional client-server or desktop applications, this new situation is a bigger challenge.
On the market, still are a lot of traditional applications in use, it will remain so for a some time.
Nevertheless, the cloud will grow, and traditional applications will decline in number asymptotically.

The companies that have entered into transition process to change their apps in to the cloud apps, faced with various difficulties that depends on size and on the design of applications that are trying to convert to cloud solutions.

Bigger problems have companies that have business rules placed in the source code of the application, and less problems have those companies that have business rules placed in the database. Why is that so?
Databases, thanks god, are much less vulnerable to changes in technology during the transition to the web / cloud. On a contrary, the source code of the application is extremely vulnerable to this changes - usually it means that it must to be re written.

To facilitate this process, many company search for tools or frameworks or something similar. Rapid application development never has bigger gravity. It is necessity, condition of survival.

Pretty good, but little bit obsolete list of  application builders can be find on Wikipedia. Of course, my advice in the start is, look for cloud based builder. It sounds like common sense to develep the cloud applications in the cloud, isn't it?

N-LAB Software launch the n-aos, in full name n-lab active object system.
This cloud based software contains work of art web application builder (e.g. web application generator or web application creator) that is able to create a highly flexible and customizable web interface over existing database objects.

This comprehensive code generator uses system data and relations from database to build descriptive meta data structure and consequently to create custom objects e.g. user interface.

Generated user interface, by design has CRUD (create, read, update delete) ability, lookups on related data, and other functionality such as paging, filtering, sorting, grouping, etc.

So do not hesitate, try it and confirm or reject our enthusiasm for n-aos Cloud.

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